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Vetoshkin Aleksandr Grigor'evich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of technosphere safety, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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66.069.85: 663.14.036


Background. The object of research are mechanical rotary defoamers of two types: disk with blades and drum defoamers consisting of two concentric installed perforated drums of cylindrical and conic shape. The subject of research is estimation of construction and operation parameters of mechanical rotary defoamers working with stable two-phase flows of foam structure. The article is aimed at development of methods for calculation of basic kinematic, technological and constructive parameters of mechanical rotary defoamers on the basis of analytical models.
Materials and methods. Estimation of mechanical rotary defoamer parameters was carried out on the basis of hydrodynamic modeling.
Results. The author determined optimal operating conditions for the defoamers under investigation, developed calculation methods determining volumetric capacity of disk and drum defoamers, number of blades on a disk, angular rotational velocity and drum perforation value eliminating the possibility of uncrushed foam cell break through from the defoamer operating area, power consumed by the defoamer. The researcher compared calculation and experiment data of the researched defoamers’ perfomance.
Conclusions. The obtained research results allow to carry out substantiated calculation for selecting and projecting mechanical defoamers.

Key words

disc defoamer with blades, rotary drum defoamer, velocity, performance, design parameters, power consumption.

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